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Our Top 5 Casual Mini Dresses

We know picking favorites is never a nice thing to do – or an easy one, especially when you stock as many casual yet sexy dresses as we do – but for this post we’re going to try and do the impossible. We’re going to narrow our collection of laid back 'n' casual mini dresses down to just five!

Yes you read that right, so scroll on down for our (current) favorite casual mini dresses!

And if you want to see more details about each product (or even make a purchase!) simply click on the picture to visit the product page.

Green camo print dress with black lace up detail

army green camouflage camo print mini dress with black lacing

Soft baby pink wide neck sweater dress

baby pink wide neck mini sweater dress

Nautical inspired red and white stripe t-shirt dress

red and white stripe short sleeve V neck t-shirt mini dress

Short sleeve cotton denim ruffle mini dress

blue cotton denim deep V sleeveless ruffle mini dress

Navy blue lace up sweater dress

navy blue and white lace up V neck mini sweater dress

February 05, 2018 — Samantha Jones

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